Master Michael Giampietro

Master Mike
Michael Giampietro, 6th Dan Black Belt
Michael at the age of 15 was the youngest Internationally certified 4th Degree Black Belt in the United States. He has been training under his dad (Grand Master Joe Giampietro) since the early age of 4. He is an excellent competitor with numerous Gold Medals in US National Championships as well as several International Gold medals won while residing in Okinawa Japan.


His most recent was winning the Korean International Taekwondo Championships 2001 in Tague Korea. He is a certified Instructor and Referee and an active competitor in USTU, AAU and USNTF competitions. Michael was named NSMA Instructor of the Year 2008/2011. His dedication to athlete/student development and his structure of NSMA’s MMA program has displayed selfless devotion and utmost professionalism. He also set the course for Gumdo (Korean Sword) athletes by being rated #1 in Gumdo Forms and Sparring at this years International Gumdo Competition.

Fun Facts –

Full Name: Michael J Giampietro

Birthday: 1 March 1984

Birthplace:  Germany

How old were you when you started training in TaeKwonDo? 4 years old

What year did you earn your Black Belt? I earned my 1st Degree Black Belt when I was 8 years old in 1992. I lived in Edmond, Oklahoma at the time.

What is your current rank? 6th Dan Master, Kukkiwon Certified

What was the most difficult thing that you learned along the way? The mental aspects of martial arts are the most hardest things to master. The physical parts come with hard work, repetition and good coaching. The patience and composure required to be a true Master of martial arts is something you have to find in yourself and apply to your everyday life.

When did you start competing? I started competing about  2 months after I started TKD classes. Competition exhilarates your skills while building a solid self esteem through the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

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