Master Rhonda Fay

Rhonda Fay

Rhonda began Tae Kwon Do in Okinawa, Japan.  She believes it is a great form of exercise.  She has three children, two of which currently hold black belts.  Rhonda has a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education.


Fun Facts:


Full Name:  Rhonda Renee Fay


Birthday:  August 28, ????


Birthplace:  Rosenberg, TX


How old were you when you started TKD?  I was 42.


Why did you begin TKD?  My son wanted to try TKD like his sister but he had trouble learning the forms in class so I learned the forms so I could teach him at home.  I decided I might as well get credit for it!


When did you first earn your black belt?  I earned my first degree in May, 2008 in Okinawa.


What is your current rank?  I have just earned my 3rd degree.


Where have you lived?  In Texas, I have lived in Beasley, Austin, Galveston (2 times), Lubbock, Odessa and San Antonio.  I have also lived in Cabot , Arkansas; Ellsworth, South Dakota; and Okinawa, Japan.


What is your idea of fun?  Traveling and visiting zoos.  My family and I have driven through most of the central states and landed by plane in California and Washington.  Our favorite trip was touring New Zealand and seeing many of the places where The Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed.  I have also been to Whistler, Canada.