Birthday Parties


Let NSMA host your child’s next birthday party. We supply the space, games and activities, taekwondo demonstration, and introductory lesson. We will even cut the birthday cake with a Gumdo Sword! No matter the age of the kids from 5 to 15 we can provide age appropriate activities all monitored by our certified TKD instructors. We set up and we clean up!

$199 Package Includes (For 20 Kids):

• 2 Hour Session at our school with our certified TKD instructors
• 1 Official TKD Uniform for the Guest of Honor Birthday Child\
• 1 Complimentary pass for a week of TKD classes for each guest

Extra kids are just $10 /child. A deposit of $50 reserves your date and final payment is due on the day of the party. Most parties are held on Saturdays or Sundays. Play clothes are required for the children.

Call today to learn more and to reserve your date!

Example of Possible Games:

TKD Relay Race
Every good martial artist must be agile and fast! Provided: one over-sized Doe Boke (Uniform), belt and maybe sparring gear. The players take turns putting the Doe Boke and gear on, then go through an obstacle course – jumping, rolling, tumbling, etc., run back to their team, remove the Doe Boke and the next player takes a turn. The first team to complete the race wins.

Breaking Boards
Although only skilled Martial artists can actually break boards, using our re-breakable boards will make this possible for young children. Arrange a board breaking contest with our re-breakable boards. An adult should hold the board that the child will be breaking. Don’t forget to Kihap…The Kihap is a loud yell that is shouted at the same moment a block or strike is executed. Or in this case, the moment the player strikes the board. The kids will want to take several turns. Strengths of boards can thicken according to the appropriate age group.