After School Pick Up

NSMA After School Program

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After School Program

Your child is picked up from school, shortly after bell time and transported safely to our facility. Once there, your child will take part in confidence-building Taekwondo classes.

Our very popular After School Program for grades pre-K – 8th grade is designed to motivate and inspire children to learn a positive attitude and develop a good character in the martial arts. Our certified instructors will help your child get physical exercise, learn discipline, manners, and respect for teachers, parents and other students. They will learn self-esteem through earning belt ranks and thus learn self-confidence and a “Yes, I can!” positive attitude that will carry over into school, work, and sports.

After School at NSMA

When you pick up your child, they will be ready to get focused on responsibilities at home and to spend time with their family. Many children will sleep better resulting in better concentration for the next school day.

Better than daycare. This is a skills program that will help your child become safer with our self-defense, awareness and anti-bullying training, in which they will participate in every day. You’ll appreciate the valuable character lessons they’ll also learn.

Be sure to pack a snack for your child to enjoy between the two classes



Transportation for After School Program

Our afterschool pickup program follows the  Northside ISD calendar.  We also provide Holiday Sports Camps on days when children are not in school including holidays, spring break and the summer.


Transportation arrangements with NSMA and school release information must be completed prior to the first day of classes.


after school karate programWe provide transportation from:l
Bob Beard Elementary School
Carnahan Elementary School
Ellison Elementary
Kuentz Elementary School
Monroe May Elementary
Scobee Elementary School
Steubing Elementary
Garcia Middle School
Stinson Middl School

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