The World Tae Kwon Do Federation
World Taekwondo Federation

The WTF is based in South Korea. They have membership on the International Olympic Committee and it is this body who shapes Olympic Style Tae Kwon Do. Schools differ greatly from one to the other, but generally, a WTF associated school will work hard on athletic ability, full contact sparring and tournaments. They will generally do a great deal of leg work and little hand work. Small focus on blocks and a major focus on speed and just moving out of the way. There is usually a small emphasis on self-defense. They are often accused of a sport focus over a martial art focus.

United States National Taekwondo Federation United States National Taekwondo Federation

The USNTF is run as an international body under Grand Master Dr. Duk Gun Kwon. It is a smaller organization then many, but they put on highly professional events, put great effort into helping school owners be successful and their events usually have far more than just the traditional poomse and sparring.

USA Taekwondo
USA Taekwondo

The USAT is the governing body that handles the United States under the direction of the WTF. Therefore a school in the United States who belongs to the WTF, is in fact a school that very likely belongs to the USAT.

AAU Taekwondo
Amateur Athletic Union Taekwondo

The AAU is a sports organization in the United States that operates a leadership structure for several sports, one of them being Taekwondo. The AAU is a well respected organization which several schools in the United States belong. The AAU will often work both Olympic style sparring & Point style sparring. You will commonly see AAU in school TKD programs as school coaches are familiar with the AAU for other sports.


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